• Humble Beginnings

    While Kindred Creamery may be new to the marketplace, its parent, the Meister Cheese Company, has a rich 100-year history dating back to 1916.

    It was then that Joseph Meister, grandson of a German immigrant, began his career in Plain, Wisconsin. Grandpa Joe served as a humble cheese making apprentice for seven years, gaining valuable skills and passion that would remain with him for life. Armed with cheese making experience and an entrepreneurial spirit, he and his wife, Elizabeth, bought the nearby Pleasant View Cheese Factory, raising their family of 11 in the second-floor living quarters.

    In the mid-1950s, Joseph’s son, Stanley and his wife Phyllis joined the family business, and raised their four children in the same second-floor living quarters of the cheese factory. A decade later, Stanley moved the family and bought the Muscoda Creamery and in the same entrepreneurial spirit as his father, proudly renamed it Meister Cheese Company.

    Production was dramatically interrupted in 1974 when a fire devastated the Meister Cheese Company’s structure. Perseverance endured and Stanley successfully built a new cheese plant in Muscoda’s industrial park. A few years later, he added to the business by building an innovative facility for the processing of cheese whey into protein and lactose for human consumption.

    The company transitioned to a new generation in the 1990s when siblings Scott and Vicki Meister led a movement to diversify into gourmet and specialty cheese for retail and foodservice accounts.

    Together, they continue to lead this time-honored company with the same entrepreneurial spirit of the Meisters who came before them.

  • Our Standards

    Farming the way it used to be. Food the way it’s meant to be.

    Most everyone has an iconic impression of the American farmer: a simple, hardworking man tending to his fields and cows. Today, we recognize the American farmer as an educated, passionate man or woman with a modern know-how of good animal care.

    We are proud to partner with dairy farmers who combine the best traditions of iconic farming with the best methods of modern technology. We call it Cows First™. Our dairy farmers treat their cows like family, while adopting modern technology and knowledge of animal nutrition and science.

    Treating animals right is the right thing to do. Cows treated well produce the highest quality milk. Dairy farmers who employ our one-of-a-kind Cows First™ protocol make sure cows always have access to shelter, pasture and fresh water. Our dairy farmers don’t dock tails or use growth hormones. When cows are treated right, their milk is of the highest standard. High quality milk allows us to produce high quality cheese in a sustainable manner.

  • A New Opportunity

    The people of Meister Cheese Company are excited to introduce Kindred Creamery because we believe in the importance of personal integrity, equity and responsibility to our community. We adhere to these principles with energy and optimism. We do the right thing because that’s the way we were brought up by our parents and grandparents.

    Doing the right thing means not only making a high quality cheese from the milk of cows who are treated right, it also means making sure our dairy farmers are treated as equals. That’s why we pay premium prices to farms that follow our Cows First™ protocols and have the same enthusiasm as we do for sustainable agriculture.

    Sure it costs us, but it’s a small price to pay to make cheese the way it’s meant to be. After all, we’re in this together.