Where can I find your cheese?
Kindred Creamery cheese can be found at retailers nationwide. Use our product locator to find cheeses near you.

What is Cows First™?
Cows First™ is a program in which we partner with dairy farmers who combine the best traditions of both iconic farming and methods of modern technology. We believe in treating our cows and farmers like family. With this relationship, we are able to receive high-quality milk to use in our cheese. We also pay premiums to our family farms for following our Cows First™ protocols and treating cows the right way. Learn more here.

What do the cows eat?
All of the animals under the Cows First program consume a vegetarian diet free of growth promotants/hormones.

Are the enzymes you make your cheese with animal or microbial/ vegetable?
Our line of Kindred cheese is made with microbial enzymes, so they are suitable for vegetarians.

How many farmers do you work with?
We have the pleasure of working with roughly 100 family farms.

What is the average heard size?
Our average herd size is approximately 75 cows.